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Sanitizing Booth

Dear client,

We would appreciate the opportunity to introduce our walk-through sanitizing booth that will have your company logo on free of charge!!

The world as we knew it will not be the same again. Due to pandemics and any other future viral attacks, the way we socialize, interact and go about our daily lives will change when it comes to hygiene factors.  Face masks and hand sanitizers have become the norm as we strive to protect ourselves as much as possible. In addition, supplementary ways are being introduced into society to minimize the scourge of these pandemics and one of the options in particular is the walk-through sanitizing booth.

The sanitizing booth that aids in decreasing the infection rates of viruses by sanitizing the whole body. This is done by the utilization of a misting sanitizer that is sprayed as the person walks through the booth. Built-in sensors activate the spray only when it detects occupancy, this allows the sanitizer to be used as economically as possible.

We have 4 options available

  1. ➢ Standard walk through sanitizing booth @ R25,000
  2. ➢ Solar powered walk through sanitizing booth @ R32,000(construction Sites)
  3. ➢ Thermal Detection and Facemask Screening System walk through sanitizing booth R65k
    1. This option is for the Thermal camera with facial recognition and face mask detection to ensure every person entering the building is clear and wearing a mask.
    2. It can be integrated  to your current CCTV and clocking system in order for you to be alerted if any staff member’s temperature is on the rise and also who is taking off their masks in the building.
    3. You can receive data sheets every day/week/month and also have compliance and non compliance reports as backup in case you have an outbreak in your factory/warehouse/office building.
    4. takes up to 50,000 photos per day and data needed can be tailor made to your specification
  4. ➢ Flat packed booths for exports (easy assembling methods for recipients) R28,000
  • Our booth is Trolley and Wheel chair friendly for your disabled staff/clients
  • We have 7 days a week technical support
  • We can custom build to any of your requirements
  • We supply your 1st 25L sanitizer free (R600) with your 1st order, thereafter you can order directly at the supplier at cost
  • It is fully mobile on lockable wheels and can be moved with one hand

Features & Benefits:

  • Safety features – non slip surface, non trip walk way, emergency stop/cut out switch, LED light
  • Eco Friendly
  • Versatile and mobile
  • All weather durability
  • Optional lockable wheels for mobility
  • Alcohol-free Sanitizer/Chemical SABS approved MSDS supplied with unit
  • Plug and Play
  • Comes pre-assembled and can be used immediately after delivery. Just connect the sanitizer, plug in the power and you are in operation. The booth is portable enough to be moved if needed

Customized to client specification:

  • We are mindful that certain sites may require larger booths. The booth can be customized to specific sizes if required.

Plug and Play:

  • There is no need for specialized tools or expensive manpower to set up the booth. It’s as simple as ‘use on delivery’

Alcohol-free Sanitizer:

  • We supply the unit with the first 25L sanitizer/chemical free. There are no side effects to sensitive parts of the body such as skin and eyes with the sanitizer that is supplied with the Booth. Environmentally acceptable disinfectant, sterilant and sanitizer. There after you are welcome to order on consumption or use your own supplier.

Main Features/Specs:

  • Standard Size: Height: 2.m x 1.2m – entrance  (W) 1m
  • Includes 220V pump
  • Casing – Galvanized sheet metal powder coated
  • Mist nozzles and LED light – activated by motion sensor only spraying hands before entering and spraying from top to bottom and from bottom up to sanitize shoes.
  • Simple, yet effective Design – Takes up little space
  • Windproof – The spray nozzles will sanitize effectively no matter the weather conditions.
  • Pump Regulation – Ensuring efficient use/flow of the solution
  • Nozzle Straining – Continuous use of nozzles with low maintenance
  • Sanitizing – Appropriately sanitize 600-800 individuals with 25L chemical to avoid cross contamination
  • Environmentally Friendly – We aim to leave the smallest environmental footprint.

Fast Facts:

  • Save on Labour Costs of staff standing at the entrance to spraying each client
  • Save on Solution – The Wind Proof design and Pump Regulator would save up to 90% of your daily solution use.
  • Sanitize clients and staff effectively from head to toes, with the additional feature of sanitizing your hands

Typically asked questions:

1)How many full body sprays does the 25L sanitizer provide? It depends.  The sensor has a 10 second delay after the 1st motion is detected and after one person exits the booth.  If you allow an entire shift to walk through one by one or have heavy traffic you use less sanitizer as the 10 second delay will be less.  Average is 650-800 people on 25L chemical

2)How much is the sanitizer bottle?  We supply the 1st 25L @ R600 cost price free and we supply you the MSDS and company details so you can order direct from them from the supplier

3)Does the sanitizer disinfect thoroughly since it is non-alcoholic? How so? Not one chemical on the market currently are 100% COVID19 effective as it is new to the world, but this chemical kills 99% of all germs, viruses and bacteria and is also used in the fogging machines to clean hospitals ect. The benefit of this chemical is also that it is not flammable at all and have no allergic reaction to skin sensitive persons or asthmatic people.

5)Does the booth need to be connected to a power source to work –  Yes it is a plug and play unit, mobile (you can move it with one hand) it only needs to be plugged into a 220v socket to operate unless you opt for the solar option.  It also has an emergency stop switch on the side of the booth if for any reason you need to stop operation immediately and cannot get to the wall socket fast enough.

6)Does each booth come with wheels or is that optional? If so, are the wheels at an extra cost and how much are the wheels?  They come standard with lockable wheels and 2 ramps for disabled personnel, staff or clients.  If you do not wish to have this on, we can gladly change the unit to suit your needs.  We can also custom build if you need a bigger/longer/smaller unit.

Our Standard unit is custom build, economically designed and is suitable for all industries. Trolley friendly and accommodates disabled personnel and clients without any discomfort.

To place your order please contact our Head Office

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