Cape Town
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About us

Molubi Group of Companies

Molubi Group of companies have a few sub companies under the Molubi Group.

  • Molubi Recruitment
  • Molubi Solar Supplies
  • Molubi Sanitizing Booths
  • Mednetworx

People, Recruitment, Innovation and Sales – that’s our Business.  We are a Group of Companies and rapidly expanding and our markets and are very excited to share our new additions to the Group of Companies, our new Sanitizing Booths Department.  Please refer to relevant page for more details.

Talk to us about Your Business and your needs

With more than 15 years experience and Corporate organizations, we are confident that we know what you’re looking for.

At Molubi Group we love working with people who share the same passion for their business as we do – One of our experts in each department will be able to assist you with your requirements

Our current Divisions are:

  • Molubi Recruitment – We specialize in sourcing talent and career opportunities in various sectors (Contract, Temp & Perm)
  • Solar Department – Supply of all Solar products
  • Molubi Sanitizing walk trough Booths  – Ensure you fight COVID19 at your premises and keep your staff and clients safe
  • Mednetworx – Medical Billing Bureau